Flamingo Cami

The main event souvenir doll from the 2012 Tonner Convention is a breathtakingly stunning Cami re-imagined as a glamorous pink flamingo.  Her platinum hair is elegantly styled in a twisted bun, her eyes painted a soft blue, her lips painted a muted pink, and her gown a confection of pink.  With ruffles, tulle, a fitted shirred bodice and full skirt, Flamingo’s ballgown is the most delicate, feminine, fanciful Cami ballgown to date.  Her feathered headband, pink rhinestone earrings, and gold strappy heels are the most perfect accessories for this most amazing of Cami dolls.

That gorgeous Cami face and slim body are perfectly suited to this fantasy doll.

I was fortunate enough to purchase my table’s Flight of Fancy centerpiece, a Parrot Antoinette, and decided to give the beautiful gold base to Flamingo Cami!  It is a lovely match!

I left the convention with five Flamingo Cami dolls: mine and my sister’s from the banquet, one I purchased from the sales room early Sunday morning, and two I bought from dear friends at the convention.  I plan to display one mint in box, the one on the gold base, and re-dress the other three.  In fact, I have already re-dressed one of these drop-dead-gorgeous girls in the SoHo Jaunt outfit from earlier this year:

The doll to her right is the centerpiece Antoinette, Parrot!  She is my first Antoinette, and I am happy to have her.

I am thrilled with Flamingo Cami, and at this moment I have to admit that she is my favorite Cami doll.  When Mr. Tonner told me after the banquet that he thought I would like her, I fell even more in love with Cami and with him–she is one absolutely to-die-for doll and he is extraordinarily talented, creative, kind, and understanding.

****Photographs taken by and copyright 2012 by Sheilah R. Craft.  Unauthorized copying or use is strictly forbidden; if you desire to use a photograph, please contact the owner to discuss this. 

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