Cami Basic–Wigged

Dressed in the same pink lounging set, with fashionable faux tan leather strappy shoes, Cami Basic Wigged (another Cami models the short brunette wig) was a first in the Cami line for two notable reasons: first, she is obviously a wigged doll; second, this Cami had inset acrylic blue eyes! Wigged Cami came with two wigs, a short, sporty brunette wig with a jaunty blonde highlight, and a long, feminine blonde wig. This Cami proved so popular from the moment she was announced, that her LE of 500 dolls was very quickly sold out and waitlisted. Collectors fell in love with Basic Wigged Cami, and one look makes the reason clear—she is a beautiful doll, and the fact that she is wigged allows people to change her look whenever they desire and how they prefer. Her immense popularity has led many to request a follow-up inset-eyed wigged Cami for 2012, and time will tell if another such lovely graces the Cami line, perhaps with an unexpected eye color.

all photographs and text are copyright 2011 by Sheilah R. Craft–copy and use are strictly prohibited without prior written consent of copyright holder

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