Updated Cami Collection–Most of Them

These two pictures show most of my Cami collection (excluding three custom dolls).  There are still a few Cami dolls I need to de-box and attire in Tonner Cami outfits, but they will have to wait.  Included in the Cami Kingdom are two Kay dolls (2012 stewardess and Fairytale Basic) and one Deja Vu doll, both of which have Cami connections.  The cabinet is literally crammed with Cami dolls.  The overflow is on the vintage desk in the room until another cabinet makes it way here for them.  The number of Cami dolls topped 200 at the 2013 Tonner convention (202).  I haven’t counted them since then, but it’s probably close to 210-215.  I do absolutely love Cami, more than I ever thought someone could love a doll.

cami cabinetcami overflow

16″ Fairytale Basic

I tried to resist the Tonner 16″ Fairytle Basic doll.  Totally futile.  I knew I had to have her.  I do not regret indulging.

Fairytale Basic is included the 2013 Cami Dolls, because she uses the Kay face sculpt.  For those unfamiliar with Kay’s history, here is how Mr. Tonner told the story at the 2012 Convention:  Robert Tonner challenged another sculptor to sculpt his version of Cami, and the result became Kay!  She looks so much like sweet, beloved Cami that I had to get her!

Fairytale Basic has the cameo skin tone, blue eyes, and long brown hair pulled back in a simple but pretty twist (a wig, although I shall never change anything about her.)  She wears a white cotton dress that has a pale mint green brocade corset attached, the laces of which are a pretty shade of pick.  Her faux suede pumps are in the same shade of pink.
She is so sweet, pretty, and charming!  Below are pictures of Fairytale Basic, including one of her next to Soft Elegance Cami for comparison.

fairytale 1fairytale 2fairytale 3fairytale 4fairytale 5fairytale and soft elegance


Spring Frost Cami is doll perfection!  She is breathtakingly gorgeous!  She looks like the prototype in the official pictures, which I expected, and everything about her is beautiful.

Her short platinum hair is chic and stylish.  Her jewelry is, too.  Her shoes zip (yay!) up the back, making them so easy to put on her feet.  Her ensemble features a green and silver brocade dress and a green lurex coat that has a hook-and-loop closure topped by a pretty diamante button.

Spring Frost has lovely brown eyes and the Tyler skin tone, with understated makeup, including soft coral lips.

I love her!

spring frost 1spring frost 2spring frost 3spring frost 4spring frost 5spring frost 6spring frost 7spring frost 8spring frost 9

Soft Elegance Cami

I know I have written and said this about darn near each Cami doll, but it has never been truer.  Soft Elegance Cami embodies doll perfection!

Her skin tone is stunning on her–a new Tonner skin tone, bisque, which is suitably named, for it looks creamy and porcelain in person.  From the moment I opened the box, I was in Cami rapture.  Pure beauty and perfection.  She looked porcelain-like in the box, which made Cami’s delicate beauty all the more ethereal.

soft elegance box 1soft elegance box 2

Tonner describes her hair as summer blonde, and it is so close to ash blonde that I love the color immensely (ash blonde is my personal favorite hair color–Angilia, my custom OOAK, has a blend of ash blonde shades).  Her hand-painted green eyes are lovely–I adore hand-painted eyes–and are a nice shade for her skin tone and hair color.  Her eyes are not kelly green, but a softer shade.  Perfect for her.

soft elegance torso 1soft elegance back 1soft elegance back 2

Her dress is a sweet, feminine chiffon and lace confection that lives up to the doll’s name.  It’s just the style of dress I prefer–stylish, elegant, feminine, mixing textures and fabrics, and demure.  The dress is creamy, as is the bisque skin tone, and is that perfect balance of vintage and modern that I adore from Robert Tonner.  He truly exceeded his high benchmark with Soft Elegance Cami!

soft elegance full 1

For comparison, I photographed Soft Elegance Cami, with the new bisque skin tone, alongside a Perfect Morning Cami–Platinum who has the most common Cami skin tone, cameo.  Hopefully, you will see the differences between the skin tones.  Bisque is pinker, giving Soft Elegance Cami the radiance of a classic English Rose complexion.


Perfect Morning Cami–Brunette: Prototype

During the Sunday morning factory sale at the 2013 Tonner Convention, I bought an extra Perfect Morning Cami–Brunette.  I instantly recognized the subtle differences in her, which were more noticeable when I removed her clear bag and got a closer look at her.  I have a Perfect Morning Brunette, of course, and I stood them side by side.  The one I bought at the factory sale has reddish eyebrows, not brownish.  She has glitter pantyhose.  Her black sandals have much narrower elastic bands.  Her black one-piece outfit is similar, but unfinished.  The shorts are unlined and are not serged at the hems.  

perfect morning proto 1perfect morning proto 2perfect morning proto 3perfect morning proto 4perfect morning proto 5

All Star Cami Basic 2013

She is so sweet and adorable!  (Sorry–am just now photographing her.)

all star 1all star 2

Lady Grace and Daisy

Lady Grace:

Lady Grace 1Daisy:

Daisy 1

In the Cami display cabinet:

Lady Grace and Daisy

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